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Quantum Airedales

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About Quantum Airedales and Barbara Brown...

A deep love of dogs is characteristic of my family.  My mother’s family was the local dog rescue in a Chicago suburb, before there were humane societies.  My childhood dream of owning a puppy was fulfilled when I finally had a home with a fenced yard, in Kansas City. By then, allergies to cats and shedding dogs were a real consideration.  Consequentially, in 1984, my first “hypoallergenic” Airedale, Jessica, entered our family with a bang.  Jessica was an education in how truly tenacious, smart and great an Airedale could be.   My life as a hobby breeder began and has continued for over 30 litters.  Constant study about dogs and Airedales in particular is necessary.

By 1991, my conformation line accelerated to the winners’ circles at our national Specialty with Ch. Quantum’s Lladro Exemplar and his 30 plus champion descendants.  During this time, clicker training was routinely started with weaning and crate training is started with the removal of the whelping box.  Both of these improvements enhance performance training and ease a puppy’s transition into a new home. In addition, extensive Airedale rescue and rehoming went hand in hand with raising puppies.

In the new millennium, I moved to the Chicago area to practice law, continued to raise and show Airedales, and became active in AKC Airedale dog clubs. A new marriage  led to a wonderful life in Wisconsin. Currently, I am a member and previous board member of the Airedale Terrier Club of America, the Illinois Airedale Terrier Club, and the Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club and am a member of the Winnegamie Dog Club.  

Quantum Airedales are intelligent, fun and protective family companions.  Depending on their owners’ interests, they can perform in hunting, obedience or conformation.  AKC’s Airedale standard and ATCA ethical guidelines are followed.  Veterinarians always provide medical care and guidance.  Enjoy your visit to the website.